With the help of a customer engagement checklist, hoteliers can continually enhance guest loyalty. Hotels that engage their guests during their stay see higher guest return rates followed by an immediate improvement in guest loyalty.

While waiting might be considered normal, particularly during peak operational hours, making the customer wait longer than they should cause them to become frustrated. Therefore, it is always best to delivepromptly because that will lead tbetter customer satisfaction. A dissatisfied customer may never return and could even leave bad reviews about your hotel.

Customer engagement means that you value the customer enough to know what they want. Meeting the customers’ expectations will only reflect positively on your hotel and help you gain more traction. An engaged customer will be encouraged to visit again and may even recommend your hotel to other people.

Each hotel has a stipulated time within which a guest must receive their order.  Guests should not be made to wait long and must be served within the prescribed time to avoid a bad guest experience.

Quality of customer experience decides the fate of any business. It is particularly true for the hotel industry. Staff members should try their best to engage a waiting customer in conversation, help them, and not leave them unattended.