Automate tracking of Process Compliance

Use to share positive feedback with employees when they meet compliances. Easily configure tasks from your checklists to ensure employees’ adherence to SOPs, check the relevant media for each event and maintain an audit trail of completed tasks. What’s best? You can mark any SOP violation as non-compliance and turn it into a ticket.


With the playback feature, view all your camera recordings in one place. View hours of footage in just a few minutes and reduce video watch time by using our motion-based recordings and timelapse views. Directly tag or annotate from the video view and raise tickets for violations instantly.

Live Viewing is compatible with IP and Analog cameras from all leading manufacturers. Configure multiple custom views of up to 12 cameras, grouped by different criteria such as location, user access, and more. To capture any activity of interest, simply take a screenshot.

Event Tagging

Tag any relevant event of compliance or non-compliance with our humans in the loop feature. You can either do it yourself or take Wobot’s help to view and tag the videos based on your SOPs. Watch recorded videos at different speeds and capture multiple events by click of a button.

AI-powered Checklists comes with hundreds of industry-specific checklists and tasks created by combining various government-recommended guidelines. These AI-powered checklists work in real-time, can be scheduled for any period, and have a powerful LMS to go with. Ensure best practices are followed and improve process compliance adherence in your organization by using these checklists.


With the ticketing feature, view all the tickets related to non-compliance in one place. Assign specific tasks to team members based on their roles. Supervisors can choose to update the actions taken against the Ticket, while closing it. Review the ticket media and other details to understand the non-compliance.

Business Intelligence

Access detailed reports on your dashboard to get a company-wide overview. Get comprehensive insights on your businesses’ process compliance adherence, employee performance, camera health status, and many more. Insightful reports sent straight to your inbox, helping you make critical business decisions.

Learning Management System(LMS)

Train your employees on industry best practices with the help of our information-rich LMS. Learn how a task works, watch videos in action and find out the best practices for a positive return on investment. Make learning, adapting, and upskilling effortless for your employees.