Drive-thrus and QSRs

Employee serving a customer in a drive-thru restaurant

Drive-thrus are becoming more and more critical for delivering a good QSR experience. Consumer eating habits have been changing, with a clear move away from rigid meal times and more traditional meal occasions. Consumers are also looking for a hygienic, fast, and hassle-free food experience. 

A drive-thru checklist enables drive-thru restaurants to offer better service to their customer by reducing their wait-time and making their experience safe and secure. 

ANPR detection refers to reading the number plates of vehicles without any human interference. It can help drive-thru restaurants be informed of who has entered their premises, at what time, and how long they have stayed. 

Customers do not prefer waiting in queues for very long. Waiting in long queues can earn bad customer service reviews. By detecting queue lengths, drive-thru restaurants can stay informed of how many customers have been waiting in lines for their turn in the drive-thru aisles.

In today’s world, time is money. Customers tend to get agitated if they have to wait for a long time. Drive-thru restaurants can tackle the wait-time issue with the use of vehicle-wait time detection. By detecting vehicle wait-time, they can change their service strategy to offer faster service to their customers resulting in a good customer experience.